When does ‘Trump’ become ‘Trump-Biden’? — And will this be the end for the GOP?

President Donald Trump on Wednesday issued a series of tweets attacking former President Barack Obama for his “failed policies” during the 2016 election.

The tweets were meant to poke fun at former Democratic President Joe Biden’s support of Trump during the election and suggested the White House would be “re-elected.”

The President wrote that Obama “should be ashamed of himself.”

In one of his first tweets, the President mocked the former president’s health and his “toxic” comments, as well as his recent decision to temporarily ban transgender people from serving in the military.

Biden has called Trump a “disgrace to our nation.”

The tweets came after Biden appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and said the President is “not fit to serve as Commander in Chief.”

Biden was not available to comment Wednesday.

He is expected to return to the White Court on Thursday.

Biden’s comments came after Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to attack the former President for supporting Trump during his election campaign.

“I said that President Obama has not served our country very well, has not done a good job and he should be ashamed,” Trump wrote.

“He said he had no intention of serving and he is not doing a good enough job.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the former presidents health and has said he will not let Obama go, even after the former leader’s support for Trump was revealed. “

That was a total and complete lie and he lied and said he was leaving and he said I was leaving to do a good thing.”

Trump has repeatedly questioned the former presidents health and has said he will not let Obama go, even after the former leader’s support for Trump was revealed.

“President Obama should be proud of himself for coming back to Washington and supporting our country, for helping our country out,” Trump said in October.

“When President Obama was still in office he was a liar and a hypocrite and a disgrace.

He lied about his birth certificate and lied about everything.

But he’s not doing it.” “

And he said he’d get us out of the Middle East, and we’re now in the Middle Eastern war.

But he’s not doing it.”

Biden is a close ally of Trump and has been a vocal supporter of the President throughout his presidency.

“We need to keep him in the White house for a long time,” Biden said at a rally in November.

“The American people want to know, ‘What are you going to do about it?’

And that’s why I am supporting him in this campaign.

And I hope he does what he should do.”

Biden’s health will be a major issue in the 2018 midterm elections.

The president has suggested he might consider a potential presidential run in 2020 if he doesn’t get the chance to run again.

But Biden has not said he’ll step aside in 2020 or 2020’s midterm elections to campaign for Trump.

The former President’s campaign spokesman said Biden will not run in 2022 or 2024 because he is “ready for the next chapter.”

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