When Patrick Mahomes wins the Heisman: State Farm Bank to sell to investors

Patrick Nelson Mahomes, QB for the Kansas State University Wildcats, is currently the Heisman Trophy winner for the third consecutive season.

The first two times he won it in 2012 and 2014, Mahomes led the nation in passing yards and touchdowns, but this season he is the only quarterback to win the award three times, in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Mahomes is the first quarterback in school history to lead the nation four times, which is the most ever for the school.

The State Farm branch in Madison, Wisconsin is selling its shares in the bank for a whopping $5.5 million.

For a total of $13.5 Million, State Farm is offering to invest the funds into the bank’s “State Farm Fund” which will then be used to invest in other ventures in the local area.

State Farm’s new venture is named the State Farm Sports & Entertainment, which will provide the bank with opportunities to “expand the sports and entertainment portfolio in the Madison area, including arena, professional sports, college basketball, baseball, hockey and football.”

“We have long been focused on expanding the business of our local businesses, and we are excited to be working with the State Bank to grow our investments in local businesses,” State Farm Chief Operating Officer Robert H. Dickey said.

“The State Bank has been a great partner in our effort to build a strong local economy and is a key investor in our state’s state parks system.”

The bank is also making a $1.4 million investment in the Wisconsin Farmers Market.

In addition, the bank is investing in “local businesses and organizations” in Madison and other cities.

This year’s Heisman trophy is a $3 million award.

After being named the Heisman trophy winner in 2012 as a sophomore, Mahos was the Heisman finalist for the 2015 season.

In his first season in college football, Mahoses was named to his first career All-America team and led the Wildcats to the national title game.

Since then, Mahoms has been named the NFL Offensive Player of the Year, a four-time first-team All-Pro and the recipient of the Walter Camp Trophy, which was named after former Chicago Bears quarterback Walter Camp, who died in 2015.

If Mahomes is elected to the Heisman, he will become the first player to win it three times.

Follow Patrick on Twitter: @Patrick_ORourke

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