The best places in the world to live and work in 2018

Posted August 22, 2018 04:17:17The top 10 cities in the U.S. with the highest number of jobs, according to data from The New York Times, are:San Francisco, with 2,827, New York City, with 1,818, Los Angeles, with 621, Seattle, with 584, Dallas, with 443, San Jose, with 421 and San Diego, with 382.

In the rankings, the cities that received the highest percentage of new jobs in the past year are also the most expensive cities.

In 2018, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco was $2,834, and for a two-bedroom it was $3,054.

In Los Angeles the rent was $4,050, in Seattle it was just $3.00, and in Seattle the median rent was just over $2 per square foot.

In the rankings of the top 10 U.K. cities for jobs, London had the lowest number of new job openings, while Manchester and Birmingham had the highest.

In terms of overall job creation, New Orleans had the second highest job growth, with a rate of 17 percent, behind the U of T, which had 17.4 percent.

London also had the third highest job creation in terms of total jobs.

The list of top 10 most expensive U.k. cities in 2018, according with median rent, per square feet, is:New York City (NYC) $3 million (average rent for one-bed, two-bed), $1,832 (average for a studio apartment)Austin, Texas (TX) $1.6 million (2nd)Seattle, Washington (WA) $2.7 million (5th)New York, New Jersey (NY) $4.2 million (6th)San Francisco (CA) $6.3 million ($8th)Los Angeles, California (CA, $8.7)Miami, Florida (FL, $11.9)Atlanta, Georgia (GA, $13.3)Atlanta (GA) $13 million ($16th)Chicago, Illinois (IL, $17.6)Chicago (IL) $18 million ($19th)Houston, Texas $20 million ($24th)Washington, D.C. $25 million ($26th)Boston, Massachusetts $30 million ($28th)Detroit, Michigan $35 million ($30th)Miami Beach, Florida $40 million ($35th)Portland, Oregon $45 million ($40th)Toronto, Ontario (ON, $45.6 )Austin, California $50 million ($55th)Baltimore, Maryland $55 million ($65th)Cincinnati, Ohio $65 million ($75th)Phoenix, Arizona $70 million ($80th)Denver, Colorado $75 million ($85th)Kansas City, Missouri $80 million ($95th)Dallas, Texas ($100 million ($110th)Indianapolis, Indiana $100 million $115th)St. Louis, Missouri ($100.5)Seattle (SEA, $120.7 )Austin (TX, $125.9 )San Jose, California ($130.6 $150.4)Austin ( TX, $150)Newark, New Castle County, New Delaware $150 million ($160th)Atlanta ($150 million)San Diego, California, $160 million ($170th)Austin ($150)Portland ($160)Detroit ($170)New Orleans, Louisiana, $170 million ($180th)Jacksonville, Florida, $180 million ($190th)Charlotte, North Carolina, $190 million ($200th)Seattle ($200)Houston ($220)Portland (220)San Antonio, Texas, $220 million ($230th)Salt Lake City, Utah, $230 million ($240th)Dakar, Senegal, $240 million ($250th)Columbus, Ohio, $250 million ($260th)Raleigh, North Dakota, $300 million ($330th)Memphis, Tennessee, $330 million ($350th)Fort Worth, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona ($350)Houston and New York, Texas are considered “middle class” in the country.

New York is not a “middle” city.

Austin is not considered “upper class.”

In the ranking of the 10 most affordable U.s. cities, New Hampshire had the seventh highest number.

The top five cities with the largest population increase, according the average rents, per sq. ft, are:(Charlotte) $11,914 (New York) $14,857 (Dallas) $17,632 (Los Angeles) $21,717 (Seattle) $25,847 (Austin) $30,814 (Portland) $34,072 (Denver) $40,849 (Portland, OR) $46,823 (New Orleans) $

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