What’s the best farming state in Washington?

The farm states are known for their rich agricultural history, with many of them having been home to major players in the U.S. economy for centuries.

With their proximity to major markets, farmers have a lot of clout, and they can shape the national food supply.

This year, Washington’s agricultural sector is expected to be the most profitable in the country, according to the latest report from the National Association of Counties, or NCI.

While other states have seen some losses in the industry, the impact is likely to be greater in the Washington area.

In fact, the U,S.

is the second largest producer of corn in the world.

The state has one of the highest grain yields per acre and is also the sixth largest producer in the nation of soybeans.

That’s according to USDA statistics, which show that Washington’s total crop production is more than $3.8 billion.

The NCI report says that the state’s agricultural industry employs more than 2.3 million people and employs nearly 4.6 million people in the dairy and meat industries.

The industry’s output of meat, dairy, and eggs is expected for a record $9.2 billion this year.

“We have been here for so long that the people know us and are comfortable with us,” said Steve Williams, president of the Washington Dairy Farmers Association.

The nation’s largest agricultural producer, the Dairies of America, is located in Washington, D.C. But the DFA is facing some major challenges, including the decline in the number of dairy farms, and the loss of its largest market in New York City.

The DFA recently announced that it will shut its dairy farm in Virginia.

The news came as a surprise to DFA members, who say the farm has been a major source of revenue for the association for years.

“I was a bit surprised when I heard it, but we have been trying to find a way to stay,” said Bob Jones, president and chief executive officer of the DDA.

The farm is located on the eastern side of Washington, which is in the heart of the Capital Region.

The association has a contract with the state of Washington to produce milk and dairy products, but the farm is not yet in operation.

The contract expires in 2020, and Jones said the association has to look at other sources of revenue if it wants to continue operating.

“It is an important part of the fabric of our community,” Jones said.

“You’ve got to balance the needs of the community with the needs for our dairy.”

Jones said that the DHA is working on new contracts for its dairy operations.

The Washington Dairy Council, which represents DDA members, is also facing some financial challenges.

The council’s executive director, Susan Foy, said the council’s annual budget is expected be cut by 25 percent.

She said that some of the council members have to cut their paychecks to make ends meet.

“Every time the economy does a good job, you’re always looking at cuts,” Foy said.

The economic downturn is impacting other industries, including construction, which was the DSA’s largest source of income in the past two years.

The National Association for Home Builders, the trade group for builders, said it’s seeing an exodus of workers.

The NHABC, the nation’s biggest home builder association, says its membership is down about 1,000 members in the last three months.

The numbers include members who are still part of other trade groups, such as the National Federation of Home Buildners.

The trade group says it expects the loss in its membership will impact construction in the state.

“A lot of construction workers are just leaving,” said Mark Boulton, the NHAB president.

“They’ve lost their jobs and they’re going back to work in the private sector.”

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