How to get rid of the stigma of rape in Canada

By LOUISE GRAHAM The stigma of sexual assault is an important issue for victims of sexual abuse in Canada, and this week, a group of men and women are launching a campaign to make it clear that it’s not a big deal.

A group of young men and young women will be on a public tour of the province of Alberta in the coming weeks, where they will speak to people about the issue of sexual violence and the stigma surrounding it.

Their goal is to make a point to Canadians that sexual assault isn’t just something that happens to the “bad guy” in the street, and is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The tour, which will start on Tuesday in Edmonton, will be followed by a series of community events to promote awareness.

The first stop is the Edmonton Public Library, which is hosting a screening of a film called Rape on Campus that details the statistics of sexual assaults committed by men.

It’s the first of its kind in Canada and follows a similar film released earlier this year in the United States.

In Edmonton, they’ll be joined by a number of groups including the Edmonton chapter of the International Association of Sexual Assault Resource Centres, a national network of rape crisis centres.

They’ll also be joined in Edmonton by two local women who are involved in a project called Rape Is Not a Crime.

They’re also joining forces with a national organisation called The Survivors Network of those Abused in Childhood, to make the issue known to their own communities.

The Survivors Network says there’s no national model for addressing sexual assault, and that it is not only an issue in Canada but also in the US and many other countries.

Its goal is that by making the issue a priority, people will be able to feel safe to speak out and seek help, it said.

But the group also believes that it will help reduce the stigma around the issue.

“I think there’s this myth that women aren’t really capable of speaking up about this,” said Marissa Smith, one of the volunteers on the tour.

It’s not something that’s very popular in Alberta, so we’re really trying to build awareness around it.

“There’s a lot of fear around this, and we want to make sure people feel safe and that they’re being listened to, and not getting hurt.”‘

We all know someone who was sexually assaulted’On Thursday, the group will be joined at a local high school by a handful of volunteers.

They’ll be there to educate students about what they can do to help women who have been assaulted.

And they’ll have a special education class in the next week or two, and a follow-up class the following week, to help them better understand the ways in which their own sexual histories affect how they process their own assault and how to better support their victims.

We want to show them that they can talk to people, and to get support for themselves, and it doesn’t have to be physical, said one of them, who wished to remain anonymous.

If they need help, the students will offer to talk to someone at the school.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to those that are really impacted by the sexual assault that happens in their community, said the woman.

For a number, it’s a reminder that we all know somebody who was raped, said Melissa.

There’s also a special focus on young people in particular.

They’re coming from different backgrounds, different experiences, and they all share one common theme, which might be about being sexually assaulted or being in a relationship that’s not safe, said Melanie.

These are just the things that they want to talk about, and hopefully they’ll see that they have a lot to offer other people.

As part of the tour, they will be visiting the Women’s Centre of Alberta, which houses a centre that helps women recover from sexual assault.

They will also be visiting a women’s shelter in Edmonton.

After the tour ends on Thursday, a number are planning to go back to the library, where there will be a screening and a panel discussion on how to deal with sexual assault and the social stigma around it and how that affects survivors.

To read more about this story, see the full article at The Edmonton Sun.

Originally published: Wednesday, February 10, 2018 08:21:00

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