How to figure out whether you’re a basketball fan in Idaho

Idaho is home to the state of Boise, the birthplace of the NBA’s “Hornets.”

It is also the home of the University of Idaho and Boise State University, and the state is also home to a team that has had a basketball program since 1919: the Boise Hawks.

The Hawks are known as the “Hawks of the Pacific Northwest” for their home-court advantage over other regional teams.

This advantage has made Boise State basketball a staple of college basketball for nearly 100 years.

The University of Washington, the University at Buffalo, and even the University in Alabama have all played at the home court of the Hawks.

While the Hawks are not quite as dominant as the other regional programs in the country, they still rank among the top five teams in the nation.

Here are 10 things to know about the Hawks, their home court and the game that made them a national treasure.1.

Boise State and the Hawks have played each other every year since 1918.

The last time they met was in 1919, when the Hawks were playing for a berth in the Western Collegiate Athletic Conference.

The two teams played three times over the next four seasons, with each time coming close to upsetting the other.

The second time was in 1929, when Boise State defeated the Hawks in the inaugural edition of the West Regional.

Two years later, in 1932, the Hawks defeated Boise State to win the West Region.

In 1934, Boise State upset the Hawks and moved on to win its only conference tournament game in the region.2.

Boise is located in the Pacific NW.

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is held in Boise every year.

The event has a regular season field of 68 teams, including six teams from the Pacific.

The tournament runs from June to October.3.

The Huskies have won their first three Pac-12 regular season titles.

Boise has also been a member of the conference for four of those years, winning the conference tournament in 2005, 2006 and 2010.

Boise was ranked No. 1 in the AP poll for the 2010-11 season, and finished third in the conference in 2011.4.

The Boise State-Oregon State game in 2013 is the only game in school history in which the Ducks won a game.

The Ducks were playing the Broncos at Memorial Stadium in Eugene, Ore., when Boise beat the Broncos, 96-76.

The game was the only time in NCAA history that a team from Oregon State beat a team with a losing record.5.

The basketball team is the oldest in the history of the Boise State athletics department.

The team started as a lacrosse team in 1926 and moved to basketball in 1929.

It is the first basketball program to have a full team in a single school, and it was the first women’s basketball program in the state to start in the same building as a men’s basketball team.

The school was founded by John Kornfield in 1922 and the first season played was in 1922.6.

The Idaho State basketball team was the state’s first Division I team in 1909, and has won at least 10 games every year through the years.

They won their last two titles in 2010, and were ranked No.” in the Associated Press poll before the NCAA tournament.7.

Boise’s basketball arena, the Jankens Arena, has been the home for Boise State football since the team opened its doors in 1925.

It was renovated and reopened in 2015.8.

The players on the basketball team are all men, although Boise State has had four women on its basketball team through the ages.7’10” guard Lala Moore has averaged 21.2 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.3 steals in 24.6 minutes per game this season.8’9″ forward Kaitlin Lassiter has scored at least 25 points in each of the last three seasons and is the team’s all-time leader in scoring.

Lasster is averaging a career-high 17.2 per game.9.

The women’s team is ranked No .2 in the Pac-10 Conference in points per game and No. 8 in rebounds per game, but has not made the NCAA Tournament since 2010.10.

Boise plays its home games at the University Center in downtown Boise.

The home court for the Hawks has been used as the home field for other sports teams for more than 100 years, including football and baseball.11.

Boise basketball has won the WAC championship twice, as well as the NCAA Championship in both 2009 and 2011.12.

The Hawkeyes were the only team in the WNBA to make the WNIT Tournament in 2010.

The first time was as the host team, and they won their third title in 2012.13.

The only other team in Division I basketball to have won its first WNLL championship was the Boise Lakers in 1981.

The Lakers won the title in 1981 as the

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