‘You are going to need a PhD in STEM,’ University of California at Berkeley’s Curry says

Humboldton State University’s first female president announced on Wednesday that she plans to enroll her PhD in social sciences, arguing that she needs to “learn how to solve complex problems” as president.

Stephanie Curry, who will become the first female leader of the historically black institution, announced her plans to become a PhD candidate at the school’s Department of Sociology in the fall of 2019.

She will be a visiting professor and chair of the department’s graduate student faculty.

“I want to do my part to help people and our community,” Curry said.

“To do that, I need to be able to solve a complicated problem and that requires a degree in sociology, which I’m going to do.”

Curry, 39, said that she wants to become more involved in the university’s history.

“As I move through the process, I want to be involved in conversations about history and how people and institutions have responded to race, gender, and disability,” she said.

Curry will be joining a class of about 60 undergraduate students, faculty, and staff that are working on a new history textbook and a report about the role of science in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The textbook, “Black Women and the United States of the 1960s: A Study in American History,” will be published this fall by Cambridge University Press.

It is being developed by Black History Institute professor and former professor of sociology and African-American studies Marlene Wilson, who is also the author of “We Have the Power: How Black Women Are Winning the Fight Against Racism in the United State” and the forthcoming book “Black History: An American Perspective.”

Curry said that her work will focus on the “history of women’s history in America,” and she hopes to present the work of black women as an ongoing, ongoing story.

“That will be my main focus, and I’m excited about it,” Curry told The American Conservatives in an interview.

Curry said she plans on “working with” the school and its faculty members on the textbook, as well as “getting involved in all sorts of activities and other activities that are connected to the history of our history.”

She also said that there are several other courses that are in development at HSU.

“It’s important that people who are interested in history are aware of these other courses,” she added.

“There are lots of other departments, there are lots more opportunities to teach in those departments, and so there is a lot more potential for students to participate in these other programs.”

Curry was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to a Black father and white mother.

She is the youngest daughter of a father and two Black brothers, and she said that while she doesn’t consider herself a “black person,” she “does see myself as black.”

“I think of myself as a Black woman,” she told the American Conservative.

“My father and my mother were both Black people.

We’re the children of the Black people who have been here all our lives, who have lived in this country for all our history.

That’s the way that we see ourselves.”

Curry’s mother is a nurse and her father worked as a civil rights lawyer in the civil rights movement.

She said that as a child, her father “was a fighter, a fighter for civil rights.

He believed that you should fight for things that you believed in.

He was a very strong person, a very good person.

He fought to be equal.

I don’t think he ever saw race or gender as being important.”

Curry told the newspaper that her mother’s struggle to secure a spot at Harvard University did not affect her decision to become president.

“Being an African American woman, having lived through the struggles of Black women, I think my mother did not see it as something that impacted her in any way,” Curry added.

The school has seen some changes in recent years, including the hiring of a new dean of students in 2019, who has previously worked in the administration of the university.

“This new dean has been a leader in the transformation of the Humbood campus,” HSU president Marlon Brown told the College Fix.

“She has been instrumental in our efforts to ensure that Humbolds history, our history as a public university, is a diverse and inclusive history that reflects the diversity of our nation.”

Curry previously served as president of the school for six years, but she said she is not seeking another term, citing her own commitments to her research and other commitments.

She also stressed that she is committed to Humbauld College’s mission and to its students.

“Our mission is to make Humbould the most progressive college in the country and I am committed to the mission and values of Humbald College, which include our commitment to equality, diversity, inclusion, and justice,” Curry stated.

“At HumbOLD, we will work with our students, our faculty, our staff, our community to ensure H

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