How to find missing Missouri state parks and parks near metro area


— If you know where you are and want to get a look at the trails and paths in your area, you’ll have to get up early to go.

A new law signed Friday by Governor Jay Nixon, which allows park officials to begin collecting missing-persons data on a wide array of trails and other public lands, will take effect April 1, 2016.

It requires all state parks to collect data, but with the exception of the Missouri State Capitol, which is exempt, all state lands are exempt from the data collection requirements.

Missouri State Parks spokesman John Smith said the parks will be collecting information from the general public starting in the first week of April.

The parks can collect data from the public for up to three years, but only after all the information has been turned over to the agency that owns the property, such as a county sheriff’s department, a police department, an FBI office, the state Department of Transportation or any other agency with jurisdiction.

State law allows for up 3,500 days of information to be gathered by the parks.

That data can be used for public safety purposes, like tracking missing persons, to identify and track persons of interest, or to identify threats to public safety, or property.

Mississippi is the only state that doesn’t have a statewide law requiring that data be collected.

It’s also one of just two states that don’t require the parks to share that information with the federal government.

Missippi also does not require that information be kept on the public record.

Missourian state parks superintendent Paul Brown, a Republican, said the information collection will help state officials identify missing persons.

He said the data can help determine where people went, and can help identify people who may have died.

The information will help us identify the location of those individuals, who are missing, Brown said.

The information will be useful to the authorities to identify them and identify the person(s) responsible for their disappearance.

In the meantime, the parks are already using data gathered by law enforcement agencies to help them track missing persons in Mississippi.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is collecting information on how people go missing in Mississippi, according to its website.

The agency said the state will begin using that information in the next few weeks.

The Mississippi Department of Parks and Recreation is collecting the same data from a private contractor, according, to the department’s website.

Brown said the agencies will use the data for a variety of purposes.

It can help law enforcement locate missing people and track missing people, Brown noted.

It can help them identify a missing person’s location, if they are known, he said.

The law requires the parks, the DNR and the state to collect the data once it’s turned over, and it must be stored for five years.

The law does not allow for a county to opt out of the law.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to a park, Brown recommends you use a GPS device or app, but you should also have your phone with you, and make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

It is not a requirement for visitors to wear a helmet at a state park, but it is recommended for visitors, he added.

The state parks will start collecting the information at the Missouri Capitol, located in St. Louis.

The parks are exempt because they are the site of the state’s legislative chambers.

The governor signed the bill into law Friday, the same day he spoke to the Missouri Senate.

The legislation was backed by Democratic Gov.

Jay Nixon and Republican Sen. John J. Hickenlooper.

It was sponsored by Rep. Rick Burchfield, R-St. Louis, who is also the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee.

Burchfield said the bill is important because it will help the state better protect the health and safety of its citizens.

He noted that Missouri is one of only three states that does not have a law requiring the parks and state parks not to share the information.

State Rep. Steve Strykowski, R (Baton Rouge), a Democrat, is sponsoring the bill.

Strykowskie said the new law will help to provide information to the public and will give local governments greater flexibility in how to share data.

“The information we are getting will help people find each other, and we will see more people come into our state parks,” Strykoski said.

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