How to tell the difference between the bald eagle and a red-breasted hawk (and why you should be scared of them)

In the fall of 2015, the bald eagles of eastern North America disappeared from the American landscape for several years.

The species has been found nowhere else on earth except on the eastern seaboard, but in North Carolina, the population of these iconic birds is on the decline.

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE sheds light on this phenomenon and reveals the ways we can help protect them.

The study, led by scientists from the University of Delaware, found that bald eagle populations have dramatically declined since the 1970s, with populations in the southeastern U.S. declining from an estimated 6,000 in 1973 to fewer than 50 in 2013.

The reasons for this decline were not completely clear, but the authors believe the factors that led to the decline could be factors including climate change, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, and invasive species.

The researchers analyzed data from the U.N. and the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources, along with data from U.K. and Canadian sources, to find out how many bald ears had been counted since 1970.

They found that between 1974 and 2013, the number of bald eards fell by about 40 percent in the eastern U.T. and from 4,200 in 1974 to 1,600 in 2013, a decrease of more than 40 percent.

This was the most dramatic decline in the last 30 years.

A few decades ago, bald eares were estimated to be more than 1,500 in North America.

They are now estimated to number fewer than 1 in North and South Carolina, and less than 1 per acre in the Great Lakes region.

According to the researchers, the birds are on the brink of extinction.

The decline of bald eagle populations has been blamed on habitat loss caused by human development, overgrazing, and fragmentation of the natural landscape.

While this has occurred in the U of T, the authors suggest that this trend is happening all over the world.

The scientists also found that the decline of the balde eagle is driven by the decline in their habitat, with more and more of the country in which they live being covered in open grasslands, forests, and other open grassland habitat.

This has resulted in the loss of birds like the eagles, as well as the habitats where they rely on for their food.

The authors argue that this loss is likely a result of climate change and habitat fragmentation.

These factors are not just driving the decline, but also have contributed to the loss.

According the researchers: Climate change is one of the most significant contributors to the declining of the red-billed eagles population.

Increased human activities, particularly the development of roads and highways, are a major driver of human-induced land use change, and roads are the primary means of transport for millions of people across the globe.

Habitat loss is another major contributor to the rapid decline of red-tailed eagles populations in North American forests.

Habitats, particularly open grasses and other habitat that is often degraded by human activities like hunting, fragmentation, logging, and road construction, are key factors in maintaining the abundance and abundance of birds.

This loss of habitat has resulted, in turn, in declines in the number and abundance and diversity of birds in these areas, as is evidenced by the dramatic decline of these birds in North Atlantic forests, where habitat loss is more severe.

A number of species are affected by habitat fragmentation as well, including red-footed ferrets and woodpeckers, which are affected both by habitat loss and fragmentation.

Habitabilty loss is also an important contributor to red-eared hawk habitat loss.

The birds are also affected by road construction.

Roads, especially in densely populated areas, have been used as a vehicle for development, such as highway expansion and residential development, which in turn has resulted with the loss and loss of eagles.

It is estimated that a quarter of the estimated number of eares in North Americans live in densely built-up areas, where roads and other infrastructure have been constructed, which means that roads are also the primary method of transportation for many of the eares.

In addition, the loss or fragmentation of ears and nesting sites is an important factor in the decline and fragmentation patterns of many of these species.

To protect the ears of these endangered species, conservation efforts have to address the impacts of habitat fragmentation and roadbuilding, as these factors are contributing to the overall loss of the species.

If these problems are not addressed, these species may become extinct.

The bald eagle’s population has fallen in the past because of overgripping by agriculture and urban development, but it is now estimated that the bald bald eagle population in North North Carolina is declining due to habitat loss that includes habitat fragmentation of grasslands and other areas that provide habitat for the bald-eyed eagles and other raptors.

The loss of bald-eared eagles is a global problem.

According a 2015 U

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