State Farm claims $30M from Arizona’s water conservation efforts

The state of Arizona is reportedly claiming more than $30 million in compensation from the state of California for its water conservation measures. 

Arizona has been trying to curtail the water use of farmers in order to prevent an increase in salinity levels. 

As part of its effort, the state has been working with the California Department of Water Resources to improve water quality in the state. 

The state also worked with the Los Angeles County Water Authority to reduce the amount of water needed to produce drinking water for the Los Alamos nuclear plant. 

Now, a new lawsuit claims the state is in violation of California’s water law and is also in violation because it failed to comply with the state’s conservation efforts. 

According to the lawsuit, the State Farm, a California-based company that owns and operates farms in Arizona, “failed to meet its water quality standards, including limiting water use by farmers and the public at large.” 

“There is no justification for Arizona’s failure to comply,” said attorney Christopher C. Miller, who filed the lawsuit. 

“In the past, State Farm has taken steps to reduce water use and its associated water pollution, but Arizona has not done so in the past three years,” Miller said. 

Miller also pointed out that Arizona did not receive any payment from the California DWR, which manages water for Arizona. 

State Farm also did not provide a response to Ars’ request for comment. 

In its lawsuit, Arizona’s attorney general argued that it has been in compliance with the water conservation program since 2014. 

But the lawsuit says the state still does not have the water it needs to meet California’s conservation goals. 

At least one of the state water districts is suing Arizona to get compensation, which would help cover the costs of the water district’s lawsuit against the state, which could be heard by the Supreme Court next year.

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