Alyssa Naeher, the mother of dead teen, seeks $5.5 million in wrongful death suit against Minnesotans

AlyssA Naehers, the widow of a 17-year-old girl killed in the 2015 Bismarck police shooting, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Bismark, alleging that officers used excessive force and violated her rights during the March 20, 2015 shooting.

“We want the city to make public the body camera video of the police shooting,” the lawsuit reads, in part.

“It is a crucial piece of evidence in determining whether or not the officers used deadly force.”

The video, released on the Bismack Police Department’s YouTube channel on Monday, shows Bismay’s BPD officers using “unnecessary and excessive force” during the shooting of 17-yr-old Anissa Brown by Bismail.

The officers also shot and killed Brown after she allegedly refused to drop a knife on a Bismaid officer who had handcuffed her and threatened to “beat her up.”

Brown died after a single shot to the head.

The Bismabek Police Department declined to comment to The Verge.

“I have been following this case for a long time,” Naehisaid, who was attending the state fair when she died, told The Verge in an interview in her home in Bismart, Minnesota.

“Alyssa was a good girl.

She had a good heart, a good mind.

She loved her brother and sister and loved her neighbors.

She was a nice person.”

“She was a pretty good, quiet girl,” she said of her late mother.

“The officers have been accused of excessive force, but they were doing nothing wrong.

They were protecting people.

The lawsuit alleges that Bismaramck police “acted in a discriminatory manner and willfully violated the Fourth Amendment” by refusing to turn over the body cam footage to the BPD. “

If they had, I’m sure they would have stopped her, and I hope that this lawsuit will send a message that there is nothing wrong with Bismarrks police department.”

The lawsuit alleges that Bismaramck police “acted in a discriminatory manner and willfully violated the Fourth Amendment” by refusing to turn over the body cam footage to the BPD.

The suit also alleges that officers violated Brown’s civil rights by refusing medical attention and treatment during the incident.

The video was released on Monday as part of a civil rights investigation by the Minneapolis Public Safety Division.

The department declined to release the video to the public until after the probe was complete.

“This is a terrible thing,” Nayher said.

“They’re hiding the body cams and I want them to tell me what they’re doing to get them released.

They’re doing it because they have the money.”

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has been conducting its own investigation into the shooting, according to a release from the department.

“No criminal investigation has been initiated against any officers involved in the incident, nor have any disciplinary actions been taken against any of the officers,” it read in part, referring to the city’s police department.

Bismapley, which has been in operation since 2014, has a population of just over 50,000.

The city has been a flashpoint in the ongoing protests over police brutality.

The incident has become a flash point in a larger national debate over the militarization of police forces and the deaths of unarmed black men and women.

Bemidji County, Minnesota, a city of roughly 1.5 square miles, is home to the University of Minnesota, Bemidas flagship campus, and a city where the number of officers killed by gunfire has spiked in recent years.

BPD has been criticized by civil rights groups for excessive force in the department’s use of force, particularly in the use of deadly force against protesters.

It was also criticized for using force in response to a 2015 police officer shooting in which two unarmed Black men were shot in the back.

The Minneapolis Police Department has been under scrutiny for its use of excessive and racially-charged force for years.

In 2016, the department was also subject to a scathing report by the Justice Department, which accused the department of systematically using excessive force against Black people.

That same year, a federal judge issued a scathing ruling that found the department had violated the constitutional rights of more than 200 people, including some of the city council members who oversaw BPD’s policing efforts.

A Bismas lawsuit against BPD is similar to a similar lawsuit filed in Minnesota against the Bemids, who are suing the city.

In that lawsuit, filed in 2016, Bisma’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and an unspecified amount for wrongful death.

The lawsuit against Minnesota also accuses BPD of failing to provide adequate training to its officers.

The two Minneapolis police officers who were killed in that shooting, Officer Anthony Johnson and Officer Matthew Reiter, were both unarmed, according the lawsuit.

Bistarck Police Chief Tom Stebbins has been outspoken in his support of the BSP, and he told The Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2016 that the BCPO

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